How to Update a Family Member's Scheduling Preferences for a Ministry

  1. Click the My Ministry tab.

  2. Click to display the Minister Preferences page.

  1. Select the Member Preference tab.

  2. On the left, select the family member whose preferences you want to update. Select the Ministry tab to show the selected member's ministries:

  1. If the ministry has recurring events, you can specify the exact details of your serving preferences for that ministry. Complete the following:

  1. Click .

The Willingness to Serve window for the selected ministry opens. For example:

  1. Do one of the following:

For tips on using the calendar, see How to Use the Calendar to Set a Date.

  1. Click to save your changes.

You return to the Ministry tab.

  1. If you need to configure your availability for special events and serving priorities, complete these steps:

  1. Select the Edit link on the far right of the Ministry tab to display the Edit Member Preferences window:

  1. To indicate that you are available for all special events that are scheduled for your ministries, check the Available for Special Events? box.

Your ministries are listed in priority order of serving preference.

  1. To change the preference order, select the row the ministry is in and drag the row up or down the list until it is in the desired location. A double-arrow cursor is displayed to let you know the row is selected. Release the mouse button when the row containing the ministry is in the correct order of priority.

  2. When done reordering the list, click to save your changes.

You return to the Ministry tab. The list of ministries is reordered to reflect your changes.


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