How to View Actions Taken on Your Change Requests

The system keeps track of all requests for changes you make to your record on the Suspense Activity page. This topic shows you how to view details associated with your requests, including who reviewed the request and the final action taken.


  1. Click the Home tab to view your personal Home page:

  1. Under Suspense Activity, click the View Activity link.

The My Suspense Activity page is displayed. This page is a history of all of the change requests you or a family member made to your record. For example:

If you have more than one page of records, use the page buttons at the bottom to advance through the list.

You can use the alphanumeric filters to sort your change request records. For details see How to Filter Records.

All changes you make to your record are automatically assigned to a church administrator for review. The columns on this page show the following information:

  1. If desired, select one of these filter options to group your change requests:
  1. To view the administrative action taken on a particular change request, do the following:
  1. Click View Notes.

The Suspense Notes window opens to show you the type of change requested and whether the change was approved or denied. For example:

  1. Click to close.


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