How to Update Your Family's Scheduling Preferences for a Ministry

  1. Click the My Ministry tab.

  2. Click to display the Minister Preferences page.

  1. Select the Family Preference tab.

This tab lists all of the ministries and ministry groups your family is signed up to serve in. If the Schedule Members at The Same Events? option in the top left is set to Yes (the default), members of your family are always scheduled to serve together at the same events.

The Preference column shows your family's current preference settings for each ministry. Three settings are available:

  1. To change a scheduling preference:

  1. Click to display the Update Family Preferences window:

  1. If you do no require all members of your family to serve together at the same events, uncheck the Schedule Members At the Same Events box in the top left.

  2. To change a scheduling preference for a ministry, click inside its Preference box and select the desired setting from the displayed menu:

  1. When done, click to save your changes.

You return to the Minister Preference page. The Minister Preferences list is updated with all of the changes you made.


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