How to View and Update the Information in Your Family Record

It is important to keep the information in your family record current. You can update your record if information has changed since you first created your profile. This topic shows you how to update the personal information in your family record.

  1. Click the My Family tab.

  2. Click .

Your family record opens to the Family Details tab. The tab shows the current information in your family record. The record is in read-only mode.

  1. To update your record, switch to edit mode. To do this, click .

  1. Edit the fields as desired. For descriptions of the fields, go to Fields on the Member Details Form.

When done, do one of the following:

Your changes are not immediately applied to your record. They are held in suspend mode pending review and approval by your church administrator.

The system maintains a log of every change request you make to your record. You can access the log to view your change history and activity. For details, go to How to View Actions Taken on Your Change Requests.


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